W/c Monday 15th December

So… I’ve continued with two sessions this week and still the morning after each session it is proving difficult to walk. We have worked out that my back isn’t very strong and even simple bridging is proving too difficult to do, so I have my homework to try and help strength it in between sessions.  And like everyone else, I can find endless amounts of time to waste on Rightmove (not that we are moving) and Facebook but no time to do some simple exercises!

The back becomes very weak during pregnancy so strengthening it is very important, bridging, the plank, chest raises on the floor and even single leg bridges are great to help with this and can be done at home.

Post Baby 2 – w/c Monday 8th December

Ok, so last week my brain wasn’t computing anything but sleep! But then some bright spark told me how many calories are consumed on Christmas Day! 8000 apparently!

This combined with seeing friends who had their babies at similar times and looking in the mirror and being married to a personal trainer got me into the gym.

My mile and three quarters mile dog walk had doubled, not every day, but that’s the intention and I’ve now had two sessions at the gym. It’s only been two because I couldn’t move for four days after the first session. Everything was nice a gentle pace but included kettle bell swings, work on the FK Pro, plank (admittedly not for very long) and even some walking lunges and some dead lifts!

I intend to carry on as I have started….. Time will tell!


Post Baby Blog

So….. According to my pre baby brain I should be three weeks into my marathon training……. I think my post baby brain is struggling to comprehend anything apart from trying to function on less sleep than I could have believed! How on earth did I manage to go out till 3am twenty years ago and still show up to work and function? Now trying to get a baby grow on the right way round is proving difficult!

I’m sure it wasn’t this hard last time around! But then I didn’t have a three year old and everything that goes with her!

What I will say is that my two mile dog walk is now taking 40 minutes not an hour, and I did run across the road last week, which hurt! There is a lot of giggling with the baby so that must count, mustn’t it?

I promise I will start after Christmas……..