Getting you up to speed (excuse the pun!)

Just wanted to get you all up to speed with what I have been up to. Having decided what the aim of the training – British Masters Championship in August -was starting training again was exciting and I looked forward to every session. My body on the other hand was not as ready as I thought and I was in much worse shape that I had realised.

During the first week which was sensible level conditioning work, core, circuits, FKPro sessions, easy  track sessions (12x100m with 100m walk rest) and a steady run. I went down with a 24 sickness bug that I think was just my body say “WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME FOR?!!” I did also suffer during the first couple of weeks with very very sore legs and back, but thanks to some deep tissue sports massages, acupuncture and some foam rolling I recovered quite quickly and just started getting into a routine with my training again.

After 6 weeks I slowly started increasing the weights in session that consisted of power cleans, deadlifts, power snatches, squats,  but just when it felt it was going well my very temperamental lower back gave in when I was doing the dreaded BootCamp exercise deadlift with jump ,and my back tightened and went into spasm. Five days spent on the treatment table looking like a hedgehog with needles all over my back and legs (I do love acupuncture). This happened a few times up to the beginning of May.  However on the whole it’s been going really well and the target sessions I set myself have been better than I hoped and I’m running and lifting much better than I thought I would.

So really pleased with where I am at this stage which I am happy about. Races starting very soon so will let you know how I am getting on.