Postural Assessment

This assessment can help with everything from headaches to stiff and knotted shoulders, pins and needles and numbness in either the hands or feet as well as sciatic pain as a result of prolonged periods of sitting or driving.

As we get older we may start being told that we have developed poor posture. We start to sit or stand slouched, with rounded shoulders and hips, with our chins jutting forwards. This can cause an imbalance in strength, flexibility and the mechanics of the joints and often result in pain.

Posture is the relationship between different parts of the body. Through assessing the body in different positions, such as sitting, standing and laying, this relationship can be thoroughly appraised to determine the root cause of longstanding pain. The assessment starts from the floor and works up through the body, looking at everything from ‘over-pronation’ at the feet all the way up to ‘chin poke’.

The session will take approximately one hour. After the assessment the practitioner will provide advice and guidance for changing daily routines and bad habits plus any exercises you may to do to correct postural changes and stop any long standing pain or issues you are suffering with. Sometimes treatment may be necessary to relieve the initial symptoms such as deep tissue massage or physiotherapy. This would form part of your ongoing treatment if it is required.