Well it’s now been 3 weeks without being able to run! I hate being injured and become a bit like a bear with a sore head, crashing round the place!! I have carried on with lots of core training on the FKPro and some weights but on the whole not been able to do as much as my achillies is stopping me from moving properly.

I am having lots of treatments, every other day I am have needles stuck in me and it’s getting much better but I can’t do any explosive work without  pain so running is still looking a long way off. But I have got to keep positive as I am still aiming for the British Masters Championships in August.

I am hoping that after a few more treatments I can get back to the track, but with only 3 weeks to go before the British Championships time is really not on my side.  I have decided that as long as I can get at least 4 good track sessions completed then I will travel to Birmingham and see what I come home with. I am also thinking I might just do the 200m and this is only down to the fact that I have already bettered my target time for the season over  100m but haven’t in the 200m yet!! But looking at the British rankings (ranked 10th in both at the moment) if I can get some good sessions in and I feel I am running well then I have a chance of medals in both so I might not be able to resist!!!


Will keep you updated