The inevitable w/c 30th June 2014

I was planning a good month of hard training after the last race.   I felt I needed more endurance and explosive power in my legs as I have struggled in the pickup phase of the races, 20-40m, and I just don’t feel that I have the gas in my legs to get under 24sec for the 200m.

So it was all starting so well, some really good power lifting sessions, exercises like power cleans, deadlifts, squats with rebound jumps, power snatches, FKPro lunge with box jumps and some longer track sessions up to and including 350m reps. I was feeling good, the knee seemed to be feeling better and was not painful and I was looking forward to the next race when bang injury!!!

Finished a session at the track and the last 10m of the last run my left Achilles tendon just tightened up and was so painful I could hardly walk of the track. It was swollen to about double the size of the right one and so sessions now on hold and its rehab time!! So lots of rest, k-tapped it up to see if that would help for a few days and then the painful stuff starts, massages on it and up into the calf and lower back  – a lot of my issues come from my back and an old training injury from about 20 years ago. I also react very well to acupuncture, it’s amazing and like I said I react so well to it. For those of you reading this, for any injuries you may have go and get some acupuncture it is fantastic and really works.

I’ve already missed the next race I had planned, so hoping now it will all be ok to run at the British Masters in August. Will let you know how I am getting on.