A brief break w/c 14th July 2014

Since the last Blog I have been on holiday, a week away in the middle of the season was unthinkable but it was a great week. I managed to find an athletics track and trained there once and then did a great beach session and a couple of gym session which was great. My knee is still playing me up but it feels ok when I am warmed up. The rehabilitators think there is an underlining issue but are keeping it in check for the time being.

Next race was the Northern Championships, the weekend after we got home, not the best preparation and it showed in my races. Again not enjoying racing these young guys as I truly hate losing and as I am getting older, sadly and slowing down, it’s not a good feeling or good for the ego!! The 100m was so bad that I really don’t need to say anything…awful!  The 200m was ok but as I came of the bend my knee tightened right up and so did my calf, I eased of and so did the pain but it affected my time. Needs to be looked at properly now.

100m – 12.29sec.

200m – 24.36sec.

The other bad thing about this weekend was that when I walked into the warm up area for the 200m all the 400m hurdlers where warming up for that race… My old race… my favourite race and they all recognised me (not happening with the 100m/200m boys). It’s a nice feeling that they all remember me and were worried I might be running! Makes an old man feel good when the younger athletes still worry about you – very good for the ego!! Might have to start hurdles again!!!