What is Sports Rehabilitation?

It is very similar to musculoskeletal physiotherapy. We spend three years looking at the bones, muscles and nerve structures in the body making us true experts in field. We use the same techniques and more that a physiotherapist would. We are trained solely in Sports and Exercise Medicine, with an emphasis on the design and implementation of exercise and rehabilitation programme’s in both health and disease.

Who is your governing body?

We are governed by BASRaT. Their web site has full details of our qualifications and what we must do each year to keep practicing. Plus the answers to any other questions you may have.

How many sessions will I need?

This is not a question we can answer over the phone or on the internet, and nor should anyone else try to. The number of sessions will depend on many factors, including how long the symptoms have been present, the level of intensity of the pain and how complicated the injury is. The one thing I can tell you is that we pride ourselves on having one of the lowest session rates in the Manchester area, we aim to get you better as quickly as possible so you can tell all your friends and colleagues about us.

How long will a session last?

At Anatomy we are not regulated by time, a session will last as long as the treatment takes. The initial appointment is scheduled to take 45 minutes, however, if you have a long medical history or the injury is very complex, the initial appointment could take well over an hour. The follow up appointments are scheduled to take 30 minutes but for more complex injuries it has been known to take up to an hour and a half. We will not let you leave till you feel better. Our number one focus is getting you better as quickly as possible, not our bottom line!

Why do you charge more for a home visit?

There is an minimum charge of £5 for a home visit. This is to cover our extra time, fuel and parking. We will bring all the equipment needed with us, so make sure you have space, and if you are in a flat, please make sure that there is a working lift.

Why is there a fee for non attendance?

At Anatomy there are not regulated time slots as a normal clinic would have, and there is definitely not a policy of cramming people in. We are customer focused, so each clinician will only see a limited number of people a day, working around your free time and availability, helping to ensure your treatment can be as thorough as possible. If you do not attend or cancel at the last minute we will have to charge you as it’s an appointment that we could have used for another patient. We are not doing it to make extra money, we have to to cover cost and to continue to give you the best service possible.

Will I be forced to buy lots of equipment, or pay for any tape used during my treatment?

Many practices will have targets to sell exercise equipment. We will lend you what ever you need, within reason. You can request to buy something, such as a fit ball, if you continue to use it after your treatment as finished, and you will be paying the same prices we pay to out wholesalers. There will be no charge for any taping, this is included in your treatment pricing and will be used at the discretion of the clinician.

What should I wear?

Shorts or anything comfortable. Ladies may wish to wear a strapped t-shirt or a sports bra, but this will depend on what injury you have. If you exercise, you will always be asked to bring your current running trainers.

Do sports massages really work?


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