Race Day w/c Monday 12th May

Blog 4.

My last week into my first races, Northern Masters Championships, and already I am getting nervous and worried about if I have done the right training or not (normal for this phase of the year).  The training has become much shorter and faster at the track and I have been doing starts practice, which I have always enjoyed doing.  The weight sessions have stopped as they can stay in your muscles for up to 5 days. So literally only three sessions at the track and the last one was more of a warm up and easy run outs.

 May 11th

RACE DAY is here and I am stupidly nervous!! Hardly slept at all last night!! Now normal morning routine before races that I have had for 20 years!!! Shave and shower, then two pieces of toast with honey on them and a coffee, then on the journey up to the track I have a banana, lots of water and then suck two bits of chocolate.


Just collected my number and now 90mins before the 100m I start my warm up, jogging, stretches, drills and then run outs and a few starts then sit and visualise what I am about to do. Then race time!!!


100m – 11.9sec and BRONZE

200m – 24.1sec and GOLD

Wow, really happy with today. The races both went really well but silly mistakes made in both which was down to race rustiness having not raced for 3 years at all – scrap that -just checked and I have not raced over 100m for 16 years so all good!  It’s all about medals so just added two more to the collection!!!

Really need to re-evaluate the targets as have already bettered the 100m target in first race and only 0.1sec off the 200m. A fun first day back, have missed race days so much and especially championships!! Travel home and eat my own body weight in chocolate and crisps!!!!