Blog – w/c Monday 18th May

So, I guess I’ve secretly been waiting for the knee consultant to come up with a magic answer for my knees, or to tell me to give up. In reality I now know it’s not going to happen. So, I’ve gone and booked onto a 30 mile hill challenge in Wales in September.

Now that something is booked I’ve got to get on with my fitness. My weight is back down to pre baby, assuming that the scales aren’t broken, so I’ve no excuse. If like me, you are finding excuse after excuse to put off exercising, booking an event (and doing it with someone) is a great way of making you start training again. I now walk 6 miles most days with the dogs, so I have a base level to work from. I’ve taken part in the odd bootcamp and spin session so I’m now going to spend the next 125 days improving on my fitness and getting around this rather interesting challenge in September!

I’ll start tomorrow…….. Honest!