Blog – w/c Monday 4th May

The pregnancy course we went on last weekend was amazing,! It taught us everything to help us treat all the aches and pains we all experience through pregnancy, at a greater level than previously.  It also touched on the emotional side of pre natal and post natal care. We all forget there are softer sides to people, and not only have their bodies been turned upside down physically, but emotionally too. This emotion never stops, and it’s not only child related. Women all over the county have the return to work battle. You pop in to see old colleagues and you don’t fit anymore, you stay at home and you get lonely. Well luckily there are many ways to help with this, we understand this and treatments like acupuncture, reflexology and massage can not only help relax you but also help with the anxiety. Post natal exercise can also do massive amounts to help release endorphins and get you feeling better. And if you can’t find child care, you can always bring them with you!