Blog w/c Monday 27th April

So, this weekend I’m off on a CPD course for pregnancy. I’m really looking forward to this as it should help teach us more techniques to look after you all. Did you know 2/3rds of pregnant women experience back pain, which gets worse as the pregnancy progresses? It’s also the sacrum that moves to allow the baby to pass through during birth so it’s no wonder we can suffer for a while afterwards.

All the research shows that while we as a profession can’t stop the pain from coming, we can help you manage it. I’ve seen many clients over the years and helped them with the aches and pains of pregnancy, and have also been personally able to relate to them. The modalities we use include massage, acupuncture, stretches, Pilates, even sessions with Joe the personal trainer have helped. So really, this is just to let you know, we can help you, and you don’t have to suffer during or after your pregnancy. And if childcare is an issue you can always bring them – All the staff love babies! (Even though mine cries a lot!)