Blog -w/c Monday 20th April

Ok, so for the past six weeks I’ve waited patiently to see an orthopaedic surgeon on the NHS. I was seen by one of the top specialist in Wales, in whom I have placed all my hopes in to make me better!
We chatted about my knees for a while, and he gave me a thorough examination including my hip and spine, where a lot of knee pain and be referred from.  Pain that travels is usually a sign that it might not be your knee playing up, so if your therapist is checking other parts of your anatomy, don’t worry, they are just doing a really thorough job.  I always tell my patients the nerves are like tree routes. They come out of your spine and travel down your limbs in a certain pattern. If something is irritating that tree route (nerve) at some point, it can be felt anywhere along that route (nerve).

Anyway, the next phase is in 6 weeks for some x-Rays so we can see what’s going on.  I know we are making progress but my hopes of running a marathon this year is slowly disappearing.

I’m booked in to see Amy on Friday in Chester for more acupuncture as getting down stairs is almost impossible at the moment.