Blog -w/c Monday 25th May

Ok, so perhaps entering an event isn’t quite enough motivation to start training properly, but doing it for a charity definitely is. I have decided to run for a charity called More Than Words. They teach severely disabled children who can not speak a special sign language so that they can communicate with their families. The NHS don’t provide this service and knowing there are parents out there who have never heard the words ‘I Love You’ from their children gave me the motivation to start, and keep training.

Whilst I have probably only run 400 meters, I have walked over 30 miles last week and have already walked 12 in the pouring rain this week. Tomorrow I have an interval session planned and I’m working hard on my core strength.

My core strength has been hampered by a large diastasis after the birth. This is the gap between the ‘ab’ muscles running up from the belly button that pregnancy can cause. If you have this, you can help it by laying on your back, pulling in your pelvic floor muscles and doing a slight head raise. Once the gap is less that 2cms, you can then increase the head raise to a head a shoulder raise, similar to a small stomach crunch. Once it’s closed then you can progress to full crunches, and your training will become a lot more effective and less painful.