Blog – w/c Monday 29th June

Now there is warm weather training and then there is just being daft! It’s not often Britain gets a heatwave, but when it does we seem to sit out in it, covered in cooking oil, burning ourselves. Well some of us do. Others who are being dedicated to their training think, excellent! Athletes do it so it must be good for me!

Training in a heatwave is not a good idea. It really isn’t going to harm your training programmes to take a few days off, or to try something indoors. All too often I see people in this country out running in the mid day heat because they are too scared to miss a session, or think it will aid their training.

Training in very hot weather you are unaccustomed to can lead to many problems. Commonly cramp, headaches, dehydration, and pulled muscles. This isn’t to say all people suffer in this weather. Athletes such as sprinters, enjoy this weather and actually thrive and improve their training. However, they still wouldn’t train in a heatwave if their body is not used to it.

It you are determined to train, make sure you get up extra early, or save it till after 8pm. Hats are essential, as is water proof sun cream. Even at those times of day. Blisters are more likely, so remember to use talc inside your socks to try and prevent them. Also Vaseline in areas that rub such as inner thighs and under arms is also a good idea. Remember to take water, drink plenty and try and find routes that are in the shade. This weather never lasts long in this country so taking a few days off until things get back to normal isn’t going to hurt.