Blog – w/c Monday 15th June

So, we are all focused on our training, it’s going really well… Then boredom kicks in!

It happens to us all. No matter what your training for, it happens to most people about a month to six weeks after you start. Don’t worry, this is totally normal, it’s why gyms are packed in January, and then by mid February they are empty again. People start to realise how much time training takes, and how other things in your life, that you miss doing, have taken a back seat.

This is where changing your training around, or cross training becomes important. Firstly it’s always helpful to pick an event or sport that fits into your routine. For instance, there is no point taking up squash if the nearest court is 45 minutes away – your interest will dwindle very quickly. Secondly as soon as you feel you’re getting bored change your routine. So, find a different friend to train with, or change your routes or even try a different activity for a while. This change doesn’t have to be similar to your chosen sport, it could be something totally different. But what it will do is keep you fit and active so that when your ready to go back to your training plan, you will do it with the enjoyment you started out with originally.

And remember, your training plan needs to be flexible. Don’t worry about missing sessions, or altering something someone has given you. Everybody works differently so nobody’s training should be the same.