w/c Monday 9th February 2015

So, Like everyone else, when things start progressing nicely with weightloss and fitness we get injured!  With me it’s my knee. I’ve no idea what I’ve done, which is worrying for a start considering my profession, but its put a stop to all my training.  As with all injuries they set back training plans which we have to accept.  I’ve started having treatment with Matthew at our Manchester branch and its going really well. Once its recovered, its important that I don’t just carry on my training from where I left off, as this can easily cause further injuries, depending on how long I am resting for.  You have to start training slowly again and build back up to where you were, by not rushing back into training.  I’m not saying go back to the beginning, just take a week or two to ease back into it slowly.  In the mean time, I can work around my injury by doing things like core work and cross training.  Which despite the fact I hate it, being married to the personal trainer means I’m actually doing it!