Sunday Openings

From February 2016 we will be trailing Sunday openings.   Lots of our clients have asked about this recently so we thought we would test the waters.  We will keep you updated.

Our Amazing staff!

Two of our therapists who have both been with us for around a year now gaining experience are leaving us due to some amazing opportunities.

Pierre Ainscow started with us in November last year.  Late this year he was offered the amazing chance to become a Sports therapist for the Abu Dhabi sailing team in the World Ocean Race.  It goes without saying that we are so proud of him and hope he is thinking of us whilst he travels around the world with them!

Rachel Brumfield started with us on a placement from University and we snapped her up as soon as she became qualified.  She has been gaining further experience with us since February and is now jetting off to Austria to become a Sports rehabilitator over there, fighting off competition from lots  of other applicants .


Well Done Pierre and Rachel!

Christmas events

Are you wondering what to plan for your staff at Christmas or want to give them a bonus with a difference?

Anatomy do corporate events -we can bring our services to you.  All equipment is provided, you just need to sit back and literally relax!

Call 0161 861 0848 and ask for Sharon to book a corporate event.

Site visit to GE

This week Anatomy has been lucky enough to take part in GE’s Health and Well-being week for the third year running. We sent along our Physiotherapist, Sports Rehabilitators and Sports Therapists who spent the day massaging away aches and pains for all the staff who thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you would like more information about our corporate services please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing or calling reception on 01618610848.