Relaxation Massage

Relaxation or remedial massage also has many different terms.  Some call it Swedish Body Massage, others call it Stress Relief massage and it is also know as Holistic massage.  Aromatherapy Massage also falls into this category.  Massage is a manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues of the body to reduce tension, stretch ligaments and tendons to keep them flexible, flush out toxins and promote balance in the body and mind. Benefits may include improved circulation, improve the condition of skin and muscle, improve joint mobility, reduced oedema and stimulate digestion.  Massage can also help with uplifting your emotional state and may also help reduce insomnia.

The techniques and pressures are much lighter than used in Sports or Deep Tissue Massage and it is a very relaxing and therapeutic experience.  Swedish is the original massage technique, and uses a mixture of firm but relaxing strokes to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Movements such as effleurage work over the skin with the palm of the hand producing relaxation, whereas movements like petrissage work deeper into the muscles and surrounding tissue.

Swedish Massage may help stimulate circulation, boosts your immune system, improve muscle tone and encourages toxins to be expelled from the body. Tension and stiffness in muscles will be relieved, leaving the body feeling relaxed and stress free, providing an overall feeling of well being.

When combined with Aromatherapy oils, which are derived from plants and flowers, is becomes an very effective therapy to ease away tension and improve mental and physical wellbeing.  As the oils are absorbed into the skin their different therapeutic qualities are carried into the body, easing specific symptoms through the unique healing properties they are thought to possess.

It is possible to combing Aromatherapy oils with a Sports Massage, the oils may help to improve performance and promote muscle healing.

You can always ask your therapist for your own blend to take home with you after your treatment

The aim of all these massages is to help relieve stress by releasing tension from the muscles, allowing the body to relax and the mind to shut off. This gives the body a chance to repair and rebalance itself, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.