Corporate Visits

In todays work place the long hours and days put in by employees sometimes go unnoticed.

The stresses suffered can be like no other, with the increasing frequency of deadlines drawing in, meetings running over allotted times, as well as traffic issues between locations, it comes as no surprise that your staff may often have head aches, back aches… the list is endless – usually resulting in them taking sick days.

Here at Anatomy, we can help to reduce these high stress levels which impact on employee productivity, morale and attendance in a negative way.

Taking the on-site service one step further than other companies, not only will we offer a relaxing on-site massage service, we can also offer other services such a fitness classes, personal training, injury treatment, physiotherapy and nutritional advice.

This comprehensive service will address all issues suffered by your employees, leaving them ready and able to give their full attention to work, by increasing their efficiency and drive.

Payment for this service can be made in three ways:

  • By the company
  • Part payment by employee and the company
  • By employee’s

For full details please contact Jennie or Sharon on 0161 861 0848  to discuss any issues or queries you may have.


Creative Concern has worked with Anatomy for a number of years now and cannot commend highly enough the quality of service and satisfaction we receive. We think it’s important for our largely sedentary but deadline-driven workforce that we take their well being and health seriously, and our investment in regular massage and health advice from Anatomy is incredibly beneficial in this regard. This is a service we plan to make the most of for the foreseeable future.

He continues…

And if that weren’t commendation enough, the fact that almost half of our team members have gone on to work with Jennie privately on specific areas of physiotherapy or health reveals how much her services are valued by every single person working at Creative Concern.

Steve Connor, CEO, Creative Concern