Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a unique and luxurious massage, designed to enrich the mind, body and spirit.

Expert massage techniques are combined with the use of beautiful heated basalt stones and cooled marble stones, of varying sizes, to create a feeling of intense comfort, relaxation and stimulation.

This amazing and unique experience goes further than the physical experience of general massage, to a deeper level of balance and well-being. It is a holistic approach committed to healing the whole person, not just addressing the individual symptoms.

Based on the original Lastone therapy, developed by Mary Nelson, this treatment goes beyond a normal hot stones massage using techniques that work ten times more deeply than using hands alone.

The stones are placed on specific acupressure points on the body to melt away knots, tension and stress.

The stone therapy experience relieves tension, promotes harmony, balance and peace.

It is a deeply soothing and relaxing experience, helping tight muscles to release all their tension.