w/c 21st July 2014

So this week was a tester week for me. The injury has seemed good while doing all my gym work and has handled the rehab side well without any affects the next day. I need to now get on the track and back in spikes and see if it copes.

Wednesday at the track all felt ok, warmed up well, running drills and run outs were ok.  Achilles a little stiff but felt good.  I was being very careful but needed to see where I was with the British Champs only 2 weeks away.

Unfortunately it looks like the season is over, sadly. Everything felt ok but not great. However after sitting down for a while and then driving home after work it all tightened up again and is very painful and so it’s time to inform British Athletics that I will not be making it to the championships.

This is the side of sport that really is the hardest. All year, during every training session, at every other race, when you’re driving around or when your mind just wanders, you are thinking about the big championships. What you are aiming for, visualising the race and winning the race. Then injury strikes and it all falls down around you. It’s at this time that you have to be mentally strong and stay as positive as you can. Over the years I have seen many athletes end their career because of injuries and the hardest part is that you have to pick yourself, get the best treatment possible, recover and rehab right and then set yourself a new target.

So the positives from the season are that with a shorter than normal winter I was able to achieve or better the targets I set, but as always  I think that I could have gone faster. The negatives are that due to many different issues I did not train consistently enough and that I struggled mentally with some of the races. It was great to be running and competing again though and it really did prove how much I had missed it!!!


Be in touch soon!