Therapies and Cancer

Cancer and Complimentary Therapies

Oncology and Palliative care is an area none of us want to think about. However, the most recent research tells us that 1 in 2 of us will be affected by cancer.

There is currently very little research evidence to show that complimentary therapies help with certain symptoms – for example, pain or hot flushes. But more and more reliable research studies are being carried out and organisations such as Cancer Research UK or Macmillan have lots of information about this area.  For example, there is evidence of improved quality of life following mindfulness based stress reduction, and reduced chemotherapy related nausea in people who have acupuncture.

Even where there is little or no evidence for some types of complementary therapy, many people with cancer say they gain a lot of benefit from using them.

There are a variety of treatments available to people diagnosed with cancer:





Manual Lymphatic Drainage

For some treatments and circumstances your therapist may want you to ask your GP beforehand, for example when undergoing treatment, or soon after having treatment or if you have further health complications.  Our therapists have had extra training for Oncology treatments and also have experience in using complimentary therapies with cancer patients.

Throughout the treatments, patient care is at the foremost of our therapist minds when treating in this area.  We ensure they are comfortable and warm and well respected.  If relatives want to be present they can be, often relatives can benefit from some of the treatments too.