Blog – w/c Monday 13th April

So, the scales are still broken, honest they are, and I’m still sulking. Anyway, as we have invested in spin bikes and now offer spinning, the hubby talked me into joining in one of the classes…..  Now, I’m not going to lie, I would rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks than join in a spin class, all that shouting, aggression, peddling and going nowhere. So as you can imagine, this took a lot of bribery and a negotiation from the hubby;  a meal out to the pub and him putting both children to bed… twice! Night duty was one stage too far, but I still had to try it!  Because of the movement, spin would also not aggravate my knees. As a non weight bearing activity, it would help increase the blood flow to my knees without causing more damage to them or pain as a weight bearing activity would.
However, it was actually good fun! Hard work, but fun. There was no aggressive shouting, and as the group is a small one with a max of five people in a class, it was actually friendly, non competitive and a good laugh. Would I do it again? Maybe? However, I’m not sure I would get the same level of negotiated benefits out of it!